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What Is The Difference

The cows at Tribute Farm in South East Missouri produce high quality milk in a balanced, natural way.

The first noticeable difference at Tribute Farms is, cattle graze every day. They sleep out in the fields not in buildings with bedding! As a result, our cattle are very fit, healthy and enjoy a better quality of life!

Other differences include:

  • Our cows live a productive life for longer than milk cows in other conventional farming systems. This is a significant difference!
  • We NEVER use steroids, Bovine Somatotrophin (rBST) or any other synthetic hormones to promote growth or milk production.
  • Tribute Farms commitment to balanced farming is different, which is good for the cows, good for the land and good for the people we rely on to produce the milk.
  • Grass Fed

    The Tribute Farms herd is rotation-grazed, pasture-fed all year long. Premium grasses are seasonally planted for a truly nutritious diet resulting in the highest quality milk.

What is different about Tribute Farms?

  • Confinement vs Pasture

    Confinement dairy is the dominant model of dairy farming in America …for now. Tribute Farms trusts the natural ability of cows to live outdoors in a stress free environment is a better plan.

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